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Entertainment Resources
Professional performing Artists are the heart of Entertainment Resources, Inc. Our special strength is in matching the requirements and budget of YOUR special event to the performer(s) which best match up to your needs.

As a non-exclusive booking agency, we are free to book any act, and we do that based on your event, not a list of acts counting on us to keep them busy.

The links at the top give just a bit of an idea of some of the artists we book. There are hundreds of others. We suggest that you peruse a few of these pages to get an idea of the kinds of artists available.

Then, click on the inquiry link (or call us at 207-354-8928) to fill us in on the specifics of your event. We'll be glad to propose some options for you, carefully screened to match your specific needs.

THANK YOU for the opportunity to be of service.

Contact Entertainment Resources today for specific fee and
availability information on these and many other top artists!

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