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Finding an Artist
Choosing the perfect entertainment for your wedding and/or reception is a challenge, but if you start early (as soon as you select the date and place for the festivities) and get the right help, it can be downright fun!
When I work with a couple to help make the perfect match for their guests and budget, I first want to talk about the style of the special day. Will it be formal? Some bands can perform in matching tuxedos at no rental cost to you; other bands wouldn't look sharp no matter how much you spent.

Fascinatin' Rhythm Then we talk about budget. I believe you should think of entertainment in much the same way as you think about the food -- on a per-person basis. Is it worth $3.00 per person? $10.00 per person? Like everything else in life, there's a "get what you pay for" principle at work in the pricing of performers. Most good professional musicians get $200.00 and up, which makes a 6-piece band well over a grand -- often much more on prime dates. I often advise those who can't spend more than $500.00 or so to get a good DJ; what they might lack in live energy they make up for in sound quality and variety of music.

An experienced planner once explained to me that she always budgets entertainment ahead of other things, and if you think back to the last several weddings you attended, you'll probably agree that the entertainment (good or bad) stays clearly in your mind.

Tony Boffa Band Reception:
Next, you should talk over what you want people to be doing during the reception. Since this is the only time in the history of the planet this particular group of people will be in the same place at the same time, consider how the atmosphere will work to their enjoyment. Do you want dancing? That can sometimes mean less socializing and conversation. Have you thought of some unusual alternatives, such as traditional string music with contra-dancing? A steel band? do you need a professional Master of Ceremonies to introduce the head table and keep things moving?

Where We Fit In:
Finally, get a good agent, preferably one with an impeccable reputation for successful events, and with a wide array of options available to you. My company does not have a roster of artists counting on us to keep food on their table; this means that we have the entire realm of musical performers to recommend to a client, with 25 years of experience in the music business, and the best contacts at your disposal. I like nothing better than steering good people toward a great choice for entertainment that makes the big day so very special.

For a free phone consultation, brochure, or demo tapes, please call Chuck Kruger or Dot O'Donnell at 207-354-8928.

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