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FALL 2001 Newsletter - VOLUME # 12
By Chuck Kruger, President

G r e e t i n gs!
It's been quite a while since our last newsletter. Did you miss it? Didn't think so. Anyway, we've been so busy on events and client projects that there hasn't been time to talk about them.
The mind still can't fully comprehend-- and simple words cannot express-- the terrible scope of the tragedies in New York and Washington DC. I expect that these events will alter all of our lives in varying but significant ways. Those of us lucky enough not to lose loved ones must find some way to see light through the darkness of these despicable deeds. To those victims and those close to them, our hearts go out to you.
    Hats off to the Artists…
We've been honored to work recently with a distinguished and diverse group of artists. To name-drop just a few: Harry Belafonte, Willie Nelson, Terri Clark, Bonnie Raitt, The Temptations, Mitch Ryder, The Shangri-Las, Lou Christie, Mark Lindsay, Gato Barbieri, Bobby Bare, Rustic Overtones, Tony Boffa Band, Turkey Hollow Consort, Maine Squeeze, Bob Marley, and Roomful of Blues.

And a heart-felt "Get Well Soon" to old pal Tom Dean, who is recovering in New Hampshire from injuries he sustained in a recent car accident.

    Clients …
MBNA, CedarWorks, Reciprocal Group, Volvo International, Maine Lobster Festival, Union Fair, Bowdoin College, Automotive Trade Association Executives, Welliver family, Wyeth family, W.P. Stewart & Co, Tru-Serv, Pike Industries, North East Lumber Manufacturers Association, Maine Pharmacy Association, Northeast Association of City & Town Clerks, Classic Car Club, Maine Drilling & Blasting, and the North Atlantic Folk Festival have all trusted us with their ongoing business this year. Thanks to all our buyers for the opportunity to be of service.

Entertainment Resources, Inc.
Phone: 207-354-8928

    ER Staff Stuff…
With both kids driving, Dot O'Donnell has to hitchhike to work from Camden to Thomaston. If you're in the midcoast and see a sharp-looking executive type with her thumb out on Rt. 1, consider giving her a lift! … Stacie Mariano is adjusting well to the rural life, married to her husband Joe, who Stacie claims is a true domestic goddess and a pretty good gardener. We assume that when she's talking about his "can" that she's referring to all the veggies they're preserving… Caleb Winslow is off to University of Maine, but promises to continue to help out when he can on the web site and for production events… We welcome Mark Strong to our staff! Mark is a graduate of George's Valley High School and is a gifted DJ and recording producer… Phil Clement went to guitar camp in Connecticut with son Sam this summer … Mak Wolven travels to Holland this Fall on matters of the heart … Mike Burd worked some events with us this year. His services for us transcend multi-tasking … Chuck Kruger is serving as Chairman of the Contemporary Artist Development Committee of the Maine Arts Commission. He has snuck out of music retirement for three events this year. One was a surprise 50th birthday for a good friend (this gig also featured Dave Mallett, Rob Coffin, Mike Burd, Phil Clement, and Sam Smith) in February; another was a command performance at The Blaine House in May, hosted by Maine's First Lady Mary Herman.… And last and also least is young Marley, a kitten who has joined Nina the Golden Retreiver as a greeter in the office.

    ER Production Dept…
Need a sound system? Call us! Stage lighting? Call us! Risers? Call us! Tent? Call us! Rental equipment? Call us! Fireworks? Call us! Laser Light Show? Call us! A Caterer? Call us! Photographer? Videographer? Call us! Recording or Music transfers? Call us! Need help navigating an artist rider with words in it you've never seen before?

As I said, Call us! Our expertise and vast resources will match your needs up with the perfect equipment and technicians for whatever the event, large or small. And if you need some help communicating with and/or managing event vendors, give us a call - we can do it all. We carefully assess your needs, and we'll respect your bottom line. You'll get excellent advice, with appropriate professional vendors and services that perfectly suit your specific needs.

Among our in-house resources, we now have:
High quality sound systems for up to 800 people.
A new completely wireless, battery-powered sound system - perfect for events that lack electrical service.
Stage Lighting system including 16 lights, stands, etc.
Transfer capability from cassette, reel tapes, DAT, and LP to CD and other digital media.

Think of us as THE EVENT COMPANY. No one in the region can match our experience, or contacts. We'd be very pleased to prepare a performance and/or production proposal for your next event!

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