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FALL 1999
by Chuck Kruger, President

This is your official notice that as of August 15, 1999, Entertainment Resources, Inc. is fully Y2K compliant.

Well, there is a 1969 Martin D-28 acoustic guitar that I haven’t quite figured out how to update. (I bought it new and used it hard for 20+ years). But if it suddenly stops playing those sweet ringing notes after New Year’s Eve, I’ll make a point of letting you know.

Otherwise, we have all new networked computers running Access 97, Windows 98, QuickBooks 99, Office 2000, and so on. My high-tech plan for the new millennium is not to upgrade anymore, just to send Bill Gates a thousand bucks every year to keep him off my back. I’ve got my wood in. I trust the power and water companies to keep me as a customer by continuing service. I’ll put a hundred grand in cash under the silver frog on the rock next to the purple pool in the grotto behind the guesthouse next to my bumper car collection. May the new year be just another new year, only better for you and yours.


Once again, it’s near the third quarter of the year and I find myself running a company that’s significantly bigger than it was the last time I looked. I’m energized by the fact that I must re-invent my job every few years.

Among the highlights of our year-to-date is a great party in Portland to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Idexx Corporation. This required that we produce a huge, fully erupting volcano to kick off a rockin’ beach party For The Maine Festival on the Arts we assembled a collection of the most compelling regional bands from the last 20 years or so, reunited them, and presented them in conjunction with the bands they play with now. Fun! … Again this year for a U.S. Navy Destroyer (USS Stump DD-978), we provided a large tug, 100’ barge, Harbor Pilot, and 95-passenger water taxi. Believe it or not, some people think all we do is book bands, comics, and DJ’s … For CedarWorks USA we produced a party and lobsterbake that featured a giant inflatable slide, climbing wall, and great music. Parking, security, rentals, and event staff all worked together very smoothly again this year … For the Mortgage Bankers Association we arranged boat trips, luxury motorcoaches, fishing, kayaking, canoe trips, lighthouse tours, music, and comedy … the Fourth of July saw us managing an incredible party in Northeast Harbor which featured The Tex Beneke Orchestra, North Star Bluegrass, the Bayside Stompers, and a fireworks show that cost more than most houses here in Maine.

We’re very pleased to be working with all of our customers, big and small, including: MBNA America, Samoset Resort, CedarWorks, American Express, Concord Group Insurance, Falmouth Country Club, Calpine Energy, Saco Credit Union, Compaq Computer Corp., Westbrook Marching Band, International YPO, Camden National Bank, US Lighthouse Society, Cumberland Fair, Grand Auditorium, Spruce Point Inn, Ford-Lincoln-Mercury Dealers of America, Maine Tourism Association, Mahoosuc Arts, Xerox, Sunday River Summit Hotel, among many others.

… And a big thank you to some of the artists who make it so great, such as: Maria Muldaur, Rustic Overtones, Bill Cosby, Asleep At The Wheel, Tom Rush, Chubby Checker, The Temptations, The Smothers Brothers, Harry Connick Sr., The Nelson Riddle Orchestra, The Drifters, Motor Booty Affair, Juice Newton, Jonathan Edwards, Beausoleil, and Bonnie Raitt, to name-drop just a few.


Welcome Stacie Mariano. She joined us in May, having worked at the Maine Photo & Film Workshops for several years following a stint at the Institute for Civic Leadership in Portland. She’s just great with event details, vendor hospitality, transportation, and trying to keep Chuck’s desk from disappearing. Dot O’Donnell is now a full-fledged event coordinator as well as senior agent. This year she will manage more than 1000 bookings, including about 400 weddings. She and husband Dave, with mixed feelings, sent their oldest off to college this fall. Phil Clement produced the True Value/Jimmy Dean Country Showdown in August and led the backup band, which supported 11 acts. He also served as talent coordinator and stage manager for several of our larger events, working with NRBQ, The Marsels, The Drifters, The Platters, Asleep At The Wheel, Lisa Haley & The Zydekats, and Chubby Checker, among others. Chuck Kruger was appointed by Governor Angus King to serve on The Maine Arts Commission. In June, after producing a Blaine House celebration marking 20 years of broad support for the arts in Maine, he attended the Telluride Music Festival in Colorado (purely for professional development, of course).


We are very proud to be working so closely with Tony Boffa, leader of New England’s finest dance band. Why, in my view, is he the best? Several reasons: 1) He’s a world-class musician himself; 2) a life-long teacher, he knows how to develop talent and then to get the very best work from the professionals in his band; 3) He reads a crowd better than anyone, anywhere, ever -- and he’ll always call exactly the right tune to play next to keep the party swinging. Though many prime dates are booked through the year 2000, call soon for avails and pricing or a free demo on this great organization.

Call on us for ALL your special event needs!

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