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Newsletter #20
Spring, 2005
Chuck Kruger, President
Dot O’Donnell, Senior Agent
Entertainment Resources, Inc. is a company of professionals specializing in event planning and coordination, non-exclusive talent-buying services, and production. We are dedicated to making the perfect match of national and regional performing artists – and related services – to our clients’ needs and budget.

 Samoset Jazz Band at MBNA
 Samoset Jazz Band at MBNA
It feels good just to say the word “Spring.” This hasn’t been the funnest of winters for many of us here on the coast o’Maine, but I’m not one to complain. The big news around here is that my son Casey is the proud and doting father of a beautiful baby girl. I wasn’t expecting to be so excited, but I’m awash in love for this precious child, and the plan is for her to be answering the phones as soon as she’s done with the terrific 2’s, and producing shows by the time she’s 4.

Back to business. Things aren’t quite as brisk and crazy as they’ve been at other times, but I can see the good in that. We ended 2004 with a wonderful show in Camden by Don McLean. His talented band rocked the Strom and the show sold out in nothing flat. We’re always glad to produce events for Make-A-Wish of Maine (previous shows for them have featured Bill Cosby and The Smothers Brothers), and this one was no exception.

We have several interesting projects cooking for 2005. Watch the news scroller on the web site for show info, wise cracks, and sage observations.

 Clint Black
 Clint Black
Dot’s son Rory is sports writer for Village Soup Citizen in Belfast. He’s doing good stuff, some well outside of the box. Daughter Devon is rumored to be thinking rings. And husband Dave continues to be the lynchpin in the success of the world’s largest retailer… Chuck’s news spilled out at the top of the page. Just don’t call him “Gramps.” … Phil Clement just brought home his new daughter Lilliana. Cigar time? Several fine new songs coming from there, for sure… Caleb Winslow is tearing it up as a junior at UMO… Jocelyn Hanc is thriving at Ithaca College, doing great things in film/video production. We’re talking Sundance in ’09, you heard it here first.

The ever-gifted Sean Carnell of Zydecode Studio has built a new web site for us. Also a new Daddy (do you see a pattern here?), he manages to do some work for us in between major projects for CedarWorks and the William Atwood Lobster Company. Our site is at the same URL address,, but it is hopefully a bit easier to navigate and further upgrading will be ongoing, if not constant. Please share your thoughts if you have the time. Or even if you don’t. The idea is for you to be able to do business with us quickly and efficiently. Your feedback is essential to that process.

 Dot, Ricky Scaggs and Chuck
 Dot, Ricky Scaggs and Chuck
Maine Lobster Festival continues to evolve. Last year we hosted the great Ricky Skaggs, along with SheDaisy, Rick Derringer, and Dickey Betts. This year look for Jo Dee Messina and two other major headliners on the first weekend in August, updates at Can’t wait to work with superstar Reba McEntire this summer. Her management and production team are terrific. Last year’s show with America was some fun. I was expecting these vets to hate each other. But they’re a wonderful organization and it’s easy to forget all the great music they brought us. We did some dates with Maine’s own Bob Marley, a couple with Edwin McCain, brought Billy ‘Crash” Craddock to Maine, and sports legend Gino Capelletti.

We’re excited about a fine new dance and function band called Roundabout. 8 pieces strong with trombone, sax, and dual lead vocals,
 Just some of our 'talent'
 Just some of our 'talent'
they are mostly veteran musicians but with a fresh approach we welcome to the busy special event scene. We continue to collect rave reviews from our clients for fine regional bands we book for them, such as Ben Baldwin & The Big Note, Jump Street, The Attractions, Big Chief, Bob Charest Band, The Martinis, and Tony Boffa Band, to name just a few. That ought to get me in trouble with several others… We’re especially proud of the great working relationships we have developed with some of the country’s leading stand-up comedians who have turned in outstanding performances for our clients, thereby making us all look good.

There are lots of good people entering the Event Planning field. We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years. Our core mission is to make the perfect match of performing artist and production services to YOUR event and budget. We’re gratified that so many event planners call us when it comes to getting the best deal on the best artists. We’re gratified that the best function bands only work with one agent, Entertainment Resources, Inc.

Have a wonderful summer. We look forward to serving you.


PHONE: 207-354-8928    
PO Box 240, Thomaston ME 04861

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