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Weddings & Special Events
Finding an Artist

We are dedicated to making the
perfect match of national and regional performing artists
and related services to our client objectives and budget.

We will stay with you through every stage of the booking, to make sure everything about our involvement with your event exceeds expectations, whatever it takes.

What we offer you -

Our Resources. Few other agencies have the national reach and inside-the-industry experience, yet work with customers on such a personal service standard. Company president Chuck Kruger has over 30 years of on-stage and backstage experience, and one incredible rolodex. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you book the perfect match for your event, and to work out the very best deal possible for you.

Our People. Chuck Kruger has been in the field of entertainment and the performing arts for over 30 years as a performer, presenter, and agent. Working so extensively in each side of the process gives him - and you, his client -- an edge that very few others in the business can match. Dot O'Donnell can claim 25 years of solid experience in special events, marketing, advertising, and - above all - customer service. Add to this the technical savvy and detail-oriented expertise of our staff and associates, and you have the team you need to assure success.

Our Team. Count on us to put together exactly the right team for your event. We work with the best people wherever we do an event, and we select and direct them carefully to precisely match your needs and budget.

Our Approach. We listen very carefully. We respect your budget. We don't hustle you. Your successful event is our only priority.

How is Entertainment Resources, Inc. different?
Most agents have a small roster of exclusive acts. That agent's first priority is to keep those acts' calendars full, not to find you the best artist. As a talent buying service, Entertainment Resources' obligation is to make sure your event is a complete success.

Many agents feel their job is done when they send you a contract. At Entertainment Resources, that's just the beginning. We'll stay with you through every stage of the booking, to make sure everything about our involvement with your event exceeds expectations, whatever it takes.

We have production specialists on staff and on-call to help you. Please feel free to let us show you what a difference this can make to you.

We have years of experience on stage, and back stage. We've been there!

We are not an off-shoot of an artist or band, we are completely independent and dedicated to your success.

We are extremely gratified that we continue to receive calls from customers for whom we have done work in the past. Whether it was a full-blown production requiring major sound and light systems, or a solo guitar for background music, more and more people come to know that they can depend on Entertainment Resources for the attention to detail required for the success of any size event.

Yes, There is a difference!

    We Will Be...
  • There when you need us
  • Doing our best to make your event successful
  • Doing our best to make you look good
  • Meeting or exceeding expectations
  • Honest
  • Accurate
    We Won't Be...
  • Hustling you for every gig or every dollar
  • Hustling your clients and guests for business
  • Hard to find after contracts are signed
  • Grabbing hidden fees and double commissions
  • Pulling a band out of a commitment because a higher-paying job comes along.


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